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Proud Top Breeder 2010

Photo/Olof Eliasdottir

Top Breeder of the Toy Breeds Club 2010.

We were very lucky to have our wonderful dogs from Vendettas Kennel in Sweden, so the honour goes to them.


Last update: July 21 2010

Best progeny group

We had Best Progeny Group under Mr. Georgious Kostopoulos from Greece.



  • We have smooth and rough coated red griffons, Griffon Bruxellois and Petit Brabançon.

  • We also have a Somali cat.
  • Enjoy your visit and be welcome again!

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I'ts an old, cozy and nice tradition in Iceland to sign a guestbook at the end of a visit. We like this old habit and would like to ask you to sign our guestbook. 

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